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Death Breath - Stinking Up the Night (2006)
Добавил: klon71 01.03.2014, 22:58

Исполнитель: Death Breath
Альбом: Stinking Up the Night
Год выхода: 2006
Жанр: Old School Death Metal
Страна: Sweden (Stockholm)
Формат: Lossless: WavPack (cue+covers+log) | MP3 CBR 320 kbps
Размер: 336.27 Mb | 168.83 Mb

Death Breath is a Swedish death metal band, featuring Robert Pehrsson (Thunder Express/Dundertaget) and Nicke Andersson formerly of the death metal band Entombed, who wanted to return to playing drums and death metal. The members of the band both have other bands but does not consider Death Breath to be a side project. The band was formed in 2005 and was originally intended to be named Black Breath but to the band’s surprise the name Death Breath had never been used by a metalband. The band consider their music to be pure death metal, free from seven string guitars, five string basses and triggered drums. The bands music is influenced by Slayer, Venom and Black Sabbath, Autopsy, Celtic Frost as well as old horror movies and HP Lovecraft.


01. Death Breath [02:57]
02. Chopping Spree [03:30]
03. Heading for Decapitation [02:59]
04. Dragged Through the Mud [04:10]
05. Coffins of the Unembalmed Dead [03:21]
06. A Morbid Mind [03:56]
07. Reduced to Ashes [02:47]
08. Christ All Fucking Mighty [02:25]
09. Flabby Little Things from Beyond [03:19]
10. Cthulhu Fhtagn! [04:53]
Полное время альбома: [34:17]

Скачать Lossless:


Скачать MP3 CBR 320 Kbps:


password for archive lossless: sereda
Теги: Old School Death Metal, Death Breath, sweden
Просмотров: 536 |

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